Research - Economic Impact

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As state, regional, or district level destination marketing entities have evolved, it is critical to have factual defensible measures of its marketing and programming based economic and fiscal contributions— even if the entity is not directly publicly funded or has any funding— its operation may require a political vote or assessment.

These measures focus on visitor and customer volume, spending, local tax impacts and employment supported by customer spending and activity. In addition they identify visitor/customer profile data.

Studies should be performed on a recurring basis, e.g., every two to three years, both to establish benchmarks and to chart progress over time.

Such studies have multiple uses including:

  • Measuring program effectiveness
  • Guiding marketing messaging and placement
  • Improving competitive positioning
  • Assessing optimal utilization levels
  • Guiding future infrastructure
  • Services/amenities and product development
  • Important for garnering public
  • Political support for the organization

LSC has conducted numerous visitor and customer impact studies over the years for a range of clients, including destinations, special sports, local events, attractions, venues, etc. We have a proven methodology that is replicable, comparable and consistent to provide clients with current, vital and useful data.