Our Approach & Process

LSC is a Unique Market Research Firm

We offer distinctive research and strategic services for tourism, retail cultural arts and others in the western US, providing our clients with trustworthy, understandable effective and usable data-based research through thoughtful analysis and engaged implementation. Our approach to project design and implementation is collaborative, specifically tailored to each client’s operational needs and goals.

Research Underlies Sound Decision Making

We believe that sound decision-making is based on credible, reliable, replicable and applicable research methodology and interpretation of the results.


Our approach is to work collaboratively with clients at each step of a project to assess needs, report progress, review findings, and develop implementation strategies.

Various Approaches & Tools

Projects are designed and conducted considering research approaches that ensure how to best address clients’ specific issues and/or identify specific opportunities.

Understandable and Usable Results

We produce research analyses that are understandable and usable. Documentation explains the research purpose and process, with supporting data clearly presenting the results. Ultimately, our product is designed to help clients understand their current market, identify needs, next steps, and new opportunities and as the basis for decisions to satisfy needs and objectives.

Download our market research process chart.

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